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How Do I Change The Paypal Email Associated With My S6 Account?

Artists can update the PayPal email associated with their account at any time! To do so, make sure that you have an alternative, active PayPal account already set.

Note- There will be a $1 charge from PayPal for each email verification.

Please following these steps to make the change:

1. Visit your My Account page.

2. Click "Change Verified PayPal Email Address".


3. This will trigger an email to be sent to the existing PayPal email listed on your S6 account. Be sure to check your spam and junk folders.

    - If you do not receive an email or no longer have access to your old PayPal email, please contact us here for further assistance.

4. When prompted, log into  your new, updated PayPal account and pay the $1 verification fee.


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