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Your Designs & Products

  • It can take up to 24 hours for a design/product to show up in your store. During peak upload times, such as during sales/the holiday season or when new products are released, it can take a bit longer.

    Sometimes things do go wrong. If it has been more than 24 hours since you made a change to your profile and nothing has happened, feel free to contact our support team.

  • We have an algorithm based on a variety of variables that determines which products show up on our search result pages as well as the main product pages (e.g. art print listing page). However, our most successful artists do not solely rely on us to market their products. Check out our blog post on how some Society6 artists have found success promoting their artwork through Instagram.

  • In most cases, designs are removed from Society6 for infringing the copyright, trademark, publicity right or other rights of a third party. Generally speaking, when your design is removed it is because Society6 has received notification from the rights holder or authorized representative that the design is infringing. 


    Society6 has a zero tolerance policy for infringement on another's copyrights and other intellectual property rights. It is our policy to expeditiously remove content that is reported to contain material that infringes upon the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of third parties or that violates our Terms of Service. That said, when your work is removed it does not necessarily mean that Society6 considers your work to be infringing.  


    While most designs are removed for intellectual property concerns, in some cases designs may be removed for violating our Community Guidelines or other laws. 

    If you believe that your design was removed in error, you may contact us here. Ultimately we are unable to provide legal counsel or personal opinions regarding matters, and suggest you consult your own professional if the information above does not offer any additional clarity.

  • Society6 is an open platform and artworks are constantly being added and removed by artists and Society6 for a variety of reasons. We do not recommend referring to the site as a definitive guide for what is okay to upload or sell. Instead, please refer to our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service for detailed information about our content policies. 

    Please be aware that from time to time Society6 may work with select brand partners to offer limited licenses that authorize specific artists to use their intellectual property in artwork made available through the Society6 services. For more information about working with our partners, visit our FAQ here.