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Getting Started

  • Society6 offers three Artist Plans each with their own features. Get started selling for free* with our Free Plan or opt into our Basic or Pro Plans for advanced tools and features. 

    *Note: All artists are required to verify their PayPal account to confirm that they can receive payments from Society6. The verification fee is $0.01. 

    Artist Plan Pricing







    Artist Plan pricing is subject to change. 

    Not sure which plan is right for you? Check out this helpful blog post for more information.

  • If you’re interested in selling your artwork with Society6, you’re in the right place! Here are the steps to set up an artist account:

    Note - to create an account as an artist, you MUST have a valid PayPal account for earnings to be paid.

    • Begin by hovering over the "Join/Login" link at the top right corner of the site then select "Create an Account".
    • Make sure the "Upload Art" option is selected:


    • Create a Username (Your username will become your shop's URL. Choose this wisely as it cannot be changed once created!)
    • Create a Display Name (This is how others will see your name on your listings and profile header. Spaces are okay.)
    • Enter your Email Address
    • Select a Password (Must be at least 6 characters)
    • Click Sign Up 

    Now it's time to verify your PayPal account for earnings!

    Note - There will be a $1 charge from PayPal for each email verification.

    • Click on the Get Verified button
    • Click on the Verify Your Identity Now button
    • You will be prompted to sign into your PayPal account
    • Click the Complete Purchase button to process your payment

    You're all set and can now start uploading your art!

    For a deeper dive on setting up your shop for Success, check out this recording of our Start Selling With Society6 Webinar

  • Once your account is setup, you'll want it to look enticing for customers. Adding a cover image, profile picture and bio are the perfect ways to do this. Think about your branding here. You’ll want this to feel cohesive and distinctly you.


    Navigate to your shop by hovering over the avatar in the top right of the site and click on "View Shop"


    You'll notice a tab that says "Edit Shop" next to your follower's and design counter. Click this tab then select the "Appearance" option.


    Suggested Specifications:

            Avatar = Square (1:1)

            Banner = 1000x100px


    Be thoughtful with your bio. Some key benefits of having a great bio are:

    • Improves SEO and ability to be found through Google search
    • Allows customers to get to know the person behind the designs
    • Helps the Society6 team in selecting artists for features

    For more tips on how to write a great bio, check out this blog post!


  • Once you’ve uploaded your artwork, you’ll want to make sure it can be found in searches. In addition to sharing links to your shop and products with potential customers, you'll need to include relevant metadata to your artwork.


    With tagging and description fields built seamlessly into Society6’s upload process, you’re in total control of your own discoverability–and it starts with high-quality metadata. This is one of the most important steps in increasing the visibility of your designs in our marketplace. Artists who have proven success are very thoughtful when it comes to the information added here.


    Pro Tips:

    • Keep your title brief yet unique. The closer your title is to what someone is searching for, the more likely you’ll show up in search results.
    • Including your display name/username in your tags is also helpful for getting your products found within search results.
    • When adding tags, think about the words your customers would be searching for. 
    • Do not add repetitive tags. (i.e "fall botanicals", "fall", "botanicals")



    But don't stop there! We highly recommend that you promote the products you're offering via social media and other marketing channels. Check out this blog post we put together for more tips on promoting your shop - Promote Like a Pro

  • The $0.01 verification fee is required for Artists to confirm that the PayPal account being used is valid and able to accept payment.


    Every time your PayPal email is updated, the $0.01 verification fee will apply.