Help Center


  • You can claim your earnings by logging into Paypal with the email address you used for verification on Society6. You can see that here. If the payment is unclaimed after 30 days it gets returned to us. We will resend the returned payment with the next scheduled payment.

  • We’re happy to help you make this change. Please contact our support team at your earliest convenience to initiate the process.  You will be required to Pay a $1.00 verification fee to link your new PayPal to your account.

  • When one of your products is purchased we take care of producing, packing and shipping that purchase to the customer. Once the order has shipped, you are able to see it as a pending transaction in the Earnings page of your account here.

    Please note, there is a 30-day grace period from the time of shipment for each transaction to clear, wherein you will be paid out between the first and third of the following month via the PayPal account you used to verify your Society6 account.

    Example: You sell an Art Print and it ships on January 15th. The 30-day grace period ends on February 15th. You will be paid for that sale between March 1st-3rd.