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  • To begin uploading, please make sure that your files are saved in RGB and not CMYK. Files uploaded in CMYK will render with inverted colorThe recommended pixel dimensions for your initial upload is above 6500 x 6500 pixels. This will allow for most of your additional products to be made available on your profile.


    Please check out our video for a step by step process on how to upload your work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkVxvw7tzVg 



    Here are the exact dimensions for product specific custom assets:


    Product Pixel Dimensions

    Bath Mats

    4600px x 3000px

    Carry-All pouches

    4600px x 3000px

    iPad & Laptop Skins

    4600px x 3000px

    Laptop Sleeves

    4600px x 3000px

    Rectangular Pillows

    4600px x 3000px


    4600px x 3000px

    iPhone Cases

    1300px x 2000px

    iPhone & iPod Skins

    1300px x 2000px

    Stationery Cards

    1300px x 2000px


    3300px x 5100px

    Tank Tops

    3300px x 5100px


    3300px x 5100px

    Throw Pillows

    3500px x 3500px

    Tote Bags

    3500px x 3500px
    Travel Mugs 2697px x 1518px
    Mugs 4600px x 2000px


    6000px x 6000px

    Duvet Covers

    6000px x 6000px

    Shower Curtains

    6000px x 6000px

    Metal Travel Mugs

    6500px X 5525px

    Throw Blankets

    6500px x 5525px

    Wall Tapestries

    6500px x 5525px
    Towels (Hand, Bath, and Beach) 3700px x 7400px
    Leggings 7500px x 9000px
    All Over Print T-Shirts 6000px x 6000px
    Pillow Shams 6105px x 3500px
    Floor Pillows 4500px x 4500px
    Window Curtains 5088px x 8532px


    For Metal Prints, please make sure that your file matches one of the aspect ratios below before uploading:

    1x1, 1x2, 2x3, 3x4, 4x5, 5x7, 2x1, 3x2, 4x3, 5x4, 7x5

  • You can claim your earnings by logging into Paypal with the email address you used for verification on Society6. You can see that here. If the payment is unclaimed after 30 days it gets returned to us. We will resend the returned payment with the next scheduled payment.

  • We’re happy to help you make this change. Please contact our support team at your earliest convenience to initiate the process.  You will be required to Pay a $1.00 verification fee to link your new PayPal to your account.

  • When one of your products is purchased we take care of producing, packing and shipping that purchase to the customer. Once the order has shipped, you are able to see it as a pending transaction in the Earnings page of your account here.

    Please note, there is a 30-day grace period from the time of shipment for each transaction to clear, wherein you will be paid on the first of the following month via the PayPal account you used to verify your Society6 account.

    Example: You sell an Art Print and it ships on January 15th. The 30-day grace period ends on February 15th. You will be paid for that sale on March 1st.

  • If you can’t log in, please try resetting your password at this link. If you get an ‘invalid user email’ message, that means you do not have an account with Society6. 

  • Usually it takes about 5 minutes for a new post/product to show up in your store. During peak upload times, such as during sales/the holiday season or when new products are released, it can take a bit longer. Sometimes things do go wrong, so if you has been more than hour since you made a change to your profile and nothing has happened, feel free to contact our support team at this link.

  • We have an algorithm based on a variety of variables that determines which products show up on our search result pages as well as the main product pages (e.g. art print listing page). However, our most successful artists do not solely rely on us to market their products. Check out our blog post on how some Society6 artists have found success promoting their artwork through Instagram.