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How Do I Favorite Designs?

For artists, favoriting designs is a great way to save art that you love or that inspires you. The best part is, you can favorite art from any artist’s shop, even your own! You should be your own biggest fan after all.


Favoriting designs on Society6 allows us to learn more about what customers are liking in your shop and provide them with intelligent recommendations to personalize their shopping experience and in turn drive more sales for you.


To favorite a design, you’ll need to navigate to the Design Detail Page of the artwork by clicking on any product, scrolling down the page, and then clicking on the button that reads “Shop all products with this design.”


Once on the Design Detail Page, click the heart in the upper right corner of the main artwork on the page to add it to your Favorites. Clicking the heart again will remove it from your favorites.


To view the designs you’ve favorited:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your artist account.

  2. Click on the heart in the upper right corner of the site next to your avatar.

  3. Click on the “designs” tab


You can also “unfavorite” a design from this page. 

Your “Favorites” also show up in your Artist Shop. You can also explore the Favorite Designs of your fellow artists for inspiration by visiting their Artist Shop.


Note - Favoriting a design does not currently have an impact on your visibility on Society6. This means that the amount of hearts your design has received will not impact your product rankings when customers search and browse on Society6. 

For more tips on creating Collections and Favoriting Designs check out our short video tutorial here

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