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iPad™ Folio Case FAQs


How do I know what size iPad Folio Case I need?

To check what iPad model you have, turn on your iPad, and go to:


Scroll down to where it says “MODEL NAME”


Are Society6 iPad Folio Cases protective?
Society6 iPad folio cases add style to your favorite tech accessory without sacrificing durability. The frosted hard shell snap case attaches to your iPad with industrial strength and Intertek certified 3M adhesive, holding it securely in place. The faux, vegan leather cover and black elastic fastening protects all surrounding edges of your iPad along with helping to prevent screen scratches. There are also two elastic loops that are available to hold an Apple Pencil onto the magnetic charging strip, ensuring it stays in place whether you're on-the-go or keeping things tidy at home.


Do iPad Folio Cases cause overheating?
Society6 iPad folio cases should not cause overheating. However, be aware that opening an excessive amount of applications on your iPad or exposing your iPad and its case to sunlight can cause the device to overheat. We recommend keeping your device in cool or shaded areas to help reduce this risk.


What are Society6 iPad Folio Cases made of?
Our iPad folio cases contain TPU and PC along with polyurethane vegan leather, black elastic fastening and a frosted hard shell snap case that holds the iPad in place.


Do Society6 iPad Folio Cases work with wireless charging Apple Pencil?

Yes! Our iPad folio cases allow your Apple Pencil to attach to the magnetic charging strip with two elastic loops to help hold it safely in place. 


What iPad models are the Society6 iPad Folio Cases available on?

The Society6 iPad folio cases are available for two iPad models—iPad Pro 11.0” Folio 2nd generation (2020) and the iPad Pro 12.9” Folio 4th generation (2020).


How do I get my Society6 iPad Folio Case off?

The easiest way to remove your case is to gently pull on the front part of the case (around the front camera hole of the interior shell) and then when it releases, remove the rest of the case.



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