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Are Society6 phone cases protective?

Society6 has a variety of different case styles that add varying levels of protection. Our slim case features a snap-on poly-carbonate shell and would provide adequate protection from minor scratches and everyday wear and tear, while our tough case features two-layer construction for added durability. The tough case includes a poly-carbonate outer shell for minor scratches and everyday wear and tear AND an inner silicone liner that protects against drops and tumbles. The Adventure case is available for iPhone 5 through iPhone X models and features a hard poly-carbonate shell with a rubber exterior lining and screen protector to offer maximum protection. 

How much are Society6 phone cases?

Society6 phone cases are available in three different styles—slim, tough and adventure. Prices vary depending on case style and phone model, simply select your desired case from the drop down menu and the correct price will automatically populate. Note that not all case styles are available for all phone models.

Do Society6 phone cases yellow?

Fading or yellowing of Society6 phone cases depends on the usage and upkeep over time. Be aware that prolonged exposure to sunlight or dyed materials may cause the case to become discolored or the brilliance of the design to fade.

Do phone cases cause overheating?

 Society6 phone cases should not cause overheating. However, be aware that opening an excessive amount of applications on your phone or exposing your phone and its case to sunlight can cause the device to overheat. We recommend keeping your device in cool or shaded areas to help reduce this risk.

What are Society6 phone cases made of?

Most Society6 phone cases contain TPU and/or PC. Our adventure case style is available for iPhone 5 through iPhone X and features a rubber outer lining.

How do I get my Society6 phone case off?

To remove your Society6 slim or tough phone case, simply start by lifting the bottom side or corner then gently work your way around the phone.

To remove your Society6 adventure phone case, pull on the front part of the case around the front camera opening. It may be a bit snug but this is the best place to open.

Do PopSockets stick to Society6 phone cases?

PopSockets can be used in addition to Society6 phone cases with no damage to the printed design.

Do Society6 phone cases work with wireless charging?

All Society6 slim and tough phone cases support wireless charging. The adventure case, available for iPhone 5 through iPhone X, does not support all wireless charging devices due to the additional protective layers.

Are Society6 phone cases heavy?

Society6 phone cases are constructed from a lightweight TPU and/or PC—meaning they are functional, durable and light.

How thick are Society6 phone cases?

Society6 phone case thickness depends on which case style you choose. Our slim style case features a thin polycarbonate shell and is our thinnest option. The tough case includes an additional silicone liner for added protection and will minimally increase the phone's thickness. Our adventure case which is available for iPhone 5 through iPhone X is our thickest case because it features a rubber exterior lining for maximum protection.

I have a Samsung Galaxy series device (e.g., S8, S9, S10…etc), and there are multiple models for different carriers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon). How do I know which case is the right one?

Society6 phone cases fit the international (non-carrier-specific) version of Samsung Galaxy series devices. Although your carrier-specific model may look similar to the international version, the device may vary slightly between carriers (particularly the shape and positioning of the camera) and therefore may not fit our cases.

What phone models is the Adventure Case available on?

The adventure case is available only on certain iPhone models: iPhone 5, 5S, SE (2016 version), 6, 6S, 7, 8, and X

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