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How Much Do I Earn On the Sale of My Products?

Society6 artists earn a percentage of the sale on every product purchased featuring their designs. This FAQ provides more information on how your artist earnings are calculated.


How It Works


Prices on Society6 are determined by the base price (set by Society6) + markup (set by the artist). Note: The final artist earning is calculated on the price sold after any sales/discounts are applied by customers at checkout and a shipping fee is applied to each product sold. Please see below for further details. 


Base Price


The base price includes the costs to manufacture the products and Society6’s fee for hosting the marketplace. This is the price of an item before the artist markup is applied.


Artist Markup


The markup is a percentage set by you, the artist, and determines the dollar amount you will earn on the sale of the product (your artist earning).


The default markup is 10% and can be adjusted at any time up to 999% from the Pricing Dashboard in your Artist Studio


Note: All prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar when displayed on site.


Retail Price


The retail price is the base price plus the artist markup. This is the final price that's visible on the site to customers. The retail price does not include sales tax or shipping costs.  


Shipping Fees

Starting May 4, 2023, when you make a sale through, or one of our third-party affiliates, a shipping fee ranging from $0.30 - $8USD will be deducted from your earnings. Shipping fees vary based on the product sold and the full list of fees can be found below.


In the rare case that the shipping fee is higher than your earning, you will not have a negative earnings, instead you will not receive an earning on that sale.  


Shipping Fees By Product: 

All fees are listed in USD.

Product Name Fee
Face Masks $0.30
Sticker $0.10
Mini Art Prints $0.30
Socks $0.40
Unisex Tank Top $0.40
Carry-All Pouch $0.40
Kids Joggers $0.40
Kids T Shirt $0.40
Stationery Cards $0.40
All Over Graphic Tees $0.50
Long Sleeve T-shirt $0.50
T-shirt $0.50
Unisex V-Neck $0.50
Tote Bag $0.50
Kids Crewneck $0.50
Notebook $0.50
Can Coolers $0.50
Coasters $0.50
Placemat $0.50
iPhone & iPod Case $0.50
Framed Mini Art Prints $0.50
Leggings $0.60
Growth Charts $0.60
Hand & Bath Towel $0.60
Kids Pullover Hoodies $0.60
Kids Zip Hoodie $0.60
Yoga Towel $0.60
Wrapping Paper $0.60
Mug $0.60
Android Cases $0.60
Apple Watch Band $0.60
iPhone & iPod Skin $0.60
iPhone Card Case $0.60
Laptop Sleeve $0.60
Poster $0.40
Fanny Packs $0.70
Acrylic Boxes $0.70
Table Runner $0.70
Travel Mug $0.70
Android Wallet Cases $0.70
iPhone Wallet Cases $0.70
Laptop & iPad Skin $0.70
Crewneck Sweatshirt $0.80
Sweatpants $0.80
Zip Hoodie $0.80
Beach Towel $0.80
Art Print $0.60
Hoody $0.90
Pillow Sham $0.90
Wall Clock $0.90
Jigsaw Puzzle $0.90
Android Card Case $0.90
Throw Pillow $1.00
Wall Tapestry $1.00
Wallpaper $1.00
Acrylic Trays $1.00
Sheer Curtains $1.10
Shower Curtain $1.10
Desk Mat $1.10
Water Bottles $1.10
Backpack $1.20
Blackout Curtains $1.20
Rectangular Pillow $1.20
Cutting Board $1.20
Wine Chiller $1.20
Duffle Bag $1.30
Bath Mat $0.90
Duvet Cover $1.30
Tablecloth $1.30
iPad Folio Cases $1.30
Throw Blanket $1.40
Welcome Mats $1.50
Yoga Mat $1.60
Folding Stools $1.70
Serving Trays $1.70
Metal Print $1.80
Framed Art Print $2.00
Recessed Framed Print $2.10
Picnic Blankets $2.40
Canvas Print $2.40
Bar Stools $2.60
Wall Hangings $1.00
Sun Shades $2.70
Counter Stools $2.80
Comforter $2.80
Side Tables $2.90
Outdoor Rug $2.00
Floating Acrylic Print $3.00
Wall Mural $3.00
Outdoor Floor Cushions $3.20
Floor Pillow $3.40
Coffee Tables $3.50
Wood Wall Art $3.50
Sling Chairs $4.00
Benches $4.10
Framed Canvas $4.10
Rug $1.50
Credenzas $8.00



Calculating Earnings


Let's look at examples of how your earnings are calculated with and without a sale/discount. 


Without a sale/discount applied: 


Artist Earnings = (Base Price x Markup) - Shipping Fee 

A 16” X 16” throw pillow has a base price of $35.

You set a 15% markup for throw pillows. The retail price displayed to the customer is now $40.

(($35 base price) - ($35 base price * 15% markup)) - $1.00 shipping fee = $4.25 artist earning.


With a sale/discount applied:


Artist Earnings = ((Base Price - Discount) x Markup) - Shipping Fee

The same 16” X 16” throw pillow with a 15% markup is purchased with a 20% discount.

(($35 base price - ($35 base price *20% discount)) * 15% markup) - $1.00 shipping fee = $3.20 artist earning.


While sales and promotions may seem to impact your profits, it is important to note that Society6 carefully considers the sales and discounts we offer to customers across product categories and each offer is designed to drive more customers and sales to your shop.


Third Party Marketplace Earnings

For products sold on third party marketplaces such as Amazon, artists earn the same amount as they would on a sale from Society6. Any sales made through a third party are reflected in your Earnings Dashboard.

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