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Pixel Dimension Requirements (and Templates) For All Society6 Products

Below you will find the pixel dimension requirements (and templates) for all Society6 products. This information can also be found within your Artist Studio by clicking into the product you wish to edit.


The products are listed below alphabetically. To find quickly exactly what you're looking for, please use keyboard shortcuts, CMD + F (mac) or CTRL + F (win) to search the list.


If you are looking for more help on product preparation, check out our article Preparing Your Art Files for Printing on Society6 Products. For a growing collection of artist resources, please check out the Artist Education section of our blog!

Recommended file specs:

  • Dimensions: 6500 x 6500 *up to 16000 x 16000
  • PPI: 300ppi (150ppi minimum)
  • Colorspace: RGB
  • File Format: JPG or PNG
  • File Size Limit: 150mb

Please note: Most products require different minimum dimensions to ensure a high print quality. If your goal is to enable all products Society6 has to offer including large format products like curtains, bedding, outdoor items, wall murals, and furniture, we recommend starting with a horizontal asset that’s 15000px x 9000px, a vertical asset that’s 8000px x 12000 px, and a square asset that’s 12000px x 12000px, at 300 dpi. For certain cut-and-sew products like backpacks, duffle bags, and all over graphic tees, we recommend referencing our print templates to ensure your artwork is correctly placed.

Products Listed Alphabetically:

Products Required Pixel Dimensions Category  
Acrylic Boxes 1087px x 1087px Office  
Acrylic Trays Portrait: 3375px x 4368px
Landscape: 4368px x 3375px
All Over Graphic T-Shirts 8700px x 7050px
Download Template
Apparel & Bags  
Android Cases 1300 x 2000px
Download Template
Apple Watch Bands 364px x 2933 px Tech  
Art Prints 4000 x 5000px Wall Art  
Art Prints - Framed 4000 x 5000px Wall Art  
Art Prints - Recessed Framed 4000 x 5000px Wall Art  
Backpacks 3900px x 4575px
Download Template
Apparel & Bags  
Bar Stools 3300px x 3300px Furniture  
Bath Mats 2592px x 1656px Bed & Bath  
Beach Towels 3700px x 7400px Outdoor & Lifestyle  
Benches 8175px x 3675px Furniture  
Biker Tanks 3300px x 5100px Apparel & Bags  
Blackout Curtains 5300px x 9900px Home Decor  
Can Coolers 3084px X 1276px Outdoor & Lifestyle  
Canvas Prints 4000 x 5000px Wall Art  
Canvas Prints - Framed

8x12 (2400 x 3600px)
10x10 (3000 x 3000px)
12x18 (3600 x 5400px)
20x20 (6000 x 6000px)
16x24 (4800 x 7200px)
24x36 (7200 x 10800px)
30x30 (9000 x 9000px)

Wall Art  
Card Cases (Android) 1300px x 2000px Tech  
Card Cases (iPhone) 1300px x 2000px Tech  
Carry-All Pouches 4600px x 3000px Apparel & Bags  
Clear Cases 979px x 1917px Tech  
Coasters 2400px x 2400px Tabletop  
Coffee Mugs 4600px x 2000px Tabletop  
Coffee Tables 5362px x 2662px Furniture  
Comforters 6000px x 6000px Bed & Bath  
Counter Stools 3300px x 3300px Furniture  
Credenzas 5325px x 3300px Furniture  
Crewneck Sweatshirts 3300px x 5100px Apparel & Bags  
Cutting Boards Rectangle: 2500px x 1575px
Round: 2500px x 2500px
Duffle Bags 14579px x 5700px
Download Template
Apparel & Bags  
Duvet Covers 6000px x 6000px Bed & Bath  
Face Masks 1245px x 1170px
Download Template
Apparel & Bags  
Fanny Packs

2700px x 1800px
Download Template

Apparel & Bags  
Floating Acrylic Prints

5118 x 6825px

Wall Art  
Floor Pillows 4500px x 4500px Home Decor  
Folding Stool 2250px x 2700px
Download Template
Outdoor & Lifestyle  
Framed Mini Art Prints Square: 1238px x 1238px
Portrait: 938px x 1238px
Landscape: 1238px x 938px
Wall Art  
Hand & Bath Towels 3700px x 7400px Bed & Bath  
Hoodies 3300px x 5100px Apparel & Bags  
iPad Folio Cases 5624px x 3473px Tech  
iPhone Cases 1300px x 2000px Tech  
iPhone Skins 1300px x 2000px Tech  
Jigsaw Puzzles

5925 x 7425px

Laptop Skins 4600px x 3000px Tech  
Laptop Sleeves 4600px x 3000px Tech  
Leggings 7500px x 9000px Apparel & Bags  
Long Sleeve Tees 3300px x 5100px Apparel & Bags  
Metal Prints 1:1, 1:2, 2:3, 3:4, 4:5, 5:7, 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, or 7:5 aspect ratios only Wall Art  
Travel Mugs 2795px x 2100px Tabletop  
Mini Art Prints Portrait: 938px x 1238px
Landscape: 1238px x 938px
Square: 1238px x 1238px
Wall Art  
Notebooks 3675px x 2475px Office  
Outdoor Floor Cushions 5600px x 4300px
Download Template
Outdoor & Lifestyle  
Picnic Blankets 9300px x 7750px Outdoor & Lifestyle  
Pillow Shams 6105px x 3500px Bed & Bath  

2400 x 3000px

Posters 2718 x 3618px Wall Art  
Rectangular Pillows 4600px x 3000px Home Decor  
Rugs Landscape: 7400px x 5000px
Portrait: 5000px x 7400px
Home Decor  
Serving Trays Landscape: 3319px x 2569px
Portrait: 2569 x 3319px
Sheer Curtains 5300px x 9900px Home Decor  
Shower Curtains 6000px x 6000px Bed & Bath  
Side Tables 2850px x 2850px Furniture  
Sling Chairs 2550px x 7800px
Download Template
Outdoor & Lifestyle  

14172px X 3000px
Download Template

Apparel & Bags  
Stationery Cards 1300px x 2000px Office  
Stickers 1800px x 1800 px Office  
Sun Shades 8604px x 5148px
Download Template
Outdoor & Lifestyle  
T-Shirts 3300px x 5100px Apparel & Bags  
Tank Tops 3300px x 5100px Apparel & Bags  
Throw Blankets 6500px x 5525px Home Decor  
Throw Pillows 3500px x 3500px Home Decor  
Tote Bags 3500px x 3500px Apparel & Bags  
V-Necks 3300px x 5100px Apparel & Bags  
Wall Clocks 3500px x 3500px Home Decor  
Wallet Cases (Android) 2191px x 2097px Tech  
Wallet Cases (iPhone) 2274px x 2002px Tech  
Wall Hangings Landscape: 7800px x 5678px
Portrait: 4058px x 5678px
Wall Art  
Wall Murals Square: 6000px x 6000px
Landscape: 9000px x 6000px
Home Decor  
Wall Tapestries Landscape: 6500px x 5525px
Portrait: 5525px x 6500px
Home Decor  
Wallpaper 3600px x 3600px Home Decor  
Water Bottles

3390px X 2230px

Welcome Mats 5700px x 3800px Outdoor & Lifestyle  
Wood Wall Art 2601px x 2601px Wall Art  
Wrapping Paper 6075px X 8775px Office  
Yoga Mats 3750px x 10650px
Download Template
Outdoor & Lifestyle  
Yoga Towels

3750 x 10650px

Outdoor & Lifestyle  

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