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Pixel Dimension Requirements

Alphabetical product listing by category with pixel dimension requirements:

Product Pixel Dimensions

Bath Mats

2592px x 1656px

Carry-All pouches

4600px x 3000px

iPad & Laptop Skins

4600px x 3000px

Laptop Sleeves

4600px x 3000px

Rectangular Pillows

4600px x 3000px


4500px x 3000px

iPhone Cases

1300px x 2000px

iPhone & iPod Skins

1300px x 2000px

Stationery Cards

1300px x 2000px


3300px x 5100px

Tank Tops

3300px x 5100px


3300px x 5100px

Throw Pillows

3500px x 3500px

Tote Bags

3500px x 3500px
Travel Mugs 2697px x 1518px
Metal Travel Mugs  2024px x 2376px
Mugs 4600px x 2000px


6000px x 6000px

Duvet Covers

6000px x 6000px 

Shower Curtains

6000px x 6000px

Throw Blankets

6500px x 5525px

Wall Tapestries

6500px x 5525px
Towels (Hand, Bath, and Beach) 3700px x 7400px
Leggings 7500px x 9000px
All Over Graphic T-Shirts 8700px x 7050px
Notebooks 3675px x 2475px
Pillow Shams 6105px x 3500px
Floor Pillows 4500px x 4500px
Window Curtains

5088px x 8532px

Duffle Bags 

14579px x 5700px


3900px x 4575px

*Backpack templates are attached at the bottom of this page.

Stickers 1800px x 1800 px
Wallpaper 3600px x 3600px
Wall Murals 8'x8': 6000px x 6000px
12'x8': 9000px x 6000px
Posters 5437px X 7237px
Wood Wall Art 3x3: 5418px x 5418px
4x4: 7218px x 7218px
5x5: 9018px x 9018px

2400px x 2400px

Serving Trays

Medium: 2625px x 2025px
Large: 3319px x 2569px

Cutting Boards

Round: 1725px x 1725px
Rectangle: 2500px x 1575px

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