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Preparing & Uploading Your Art Files

Before uploading, please make sure that your files are saved in RGB and not CMYK. Files uploaded in CMYK will render with inverted color.

We recommend that your initial upload be above 6500 x 6500 pixels at 72dpi or higher. This will allow for most products to be made available on your profile.

For specific pixel sizes per product, see below chart.

Please check out our video for a step by step process on how to upload your work. 

For best practices file preparation for printing, check out the following article.

Learn how to prepare your art files for printing.


Below are product listings with pixel dimension requirements: 

Product Pixel Dimensions

Bath Mats

2592px x 1656px

Carry-All pouches

4600px x 3000px

iPad & Laptop Skins

4600px x 3000px

Laptop Sleeves

4600px x 3000px

Rectangular Pillows

4600px x 3000px


4500px x 3000px

iPhone Cases

1300px x 2000px

iPhone & iPod Skins

1300px x 2000px

Stationery Cards

1300px x 2000px


3300px x 5100px

Tank Tops

3300px x 5100px


3300px x 5100px

Throw Pillows

3500px x 3500px

Tote Bags

3500px x 3500px
Travel Mugs 2697px x 1518px
Metal Travel Mugs  2795px x 2100px
Mugs 4600px x 2000px


6000px x 6000px

Duvet Covers

6000px x 6000px 

Shower Curtains

6000px x 6000px

Throw Blankets

6500px x 5525px

Wall Tapestries

6500px x 5525px
Towels (Hand, Bath, and Beach) 3700px x 7400px
Leggings 7500px x 9000px
All Over Graphic T-Shirts 8700px x 7050px
Notebooks 3675px x 2475px
Pillow Shams 6105px x 3500px
Floor Pillows 4500px x 4500px
Window Curtains

5088px x 8532px

Duffle Bags 

14579px x 5700px


3900px x 4575px

*Backpack templates are attached at the bottom of this page.

Stickers 1800px x 1800 px
Wallpaper 3600px x 3600px
Wall Murals 8'x8': 6000px x 6000px
12'x8': 9000px x 6000px
Posters 5437px X 7237px
Wood Wall Art 3x3: 5418px x 5418px
4x4: 7218px x 7218px
5x5: 9018px x 9018px

2400px x 2400px

Serving Trays

Medium: 2625px x 2025px
Large: 3319px x 2569px

Cutting Boards

Round: 2500px x 1575px
Rectangle: 2500px x 2500px

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