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How Do I Turn Social Media Fans into Customers?

Artists have to eat too, right? Well, the art world is changing rapidly and to your benefit. Here are a number of best practices employed by those successfully turning social media fans into loyal customers.


Two very simple reasons why every every artist should be active on social media:

  • Fans can engage with you and your artwork (and vice versa)
  • Loyal fans often become customers


Turning fans into customers can be accomplished using 6 easy steps:

  1. Set goals & track them

  2. Engage with fans regularly on your preferred platform

  3. Create an account on every artist-friendly platform, then drive traffic to your preferred platform

  4. Drive traffic to your Society6 shop from your preferred platform

  5. A little thick skin goes a long way

  6. Be active and create content that is valuable to your fans


This is just the beginning! Learn more on how to turn social media fans into customers.


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